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We are an authorized Microsoft Partner that provides Office 365 support and consulting services in NYC. We help support organizations of all sizes with their Office 365 needs. Office 365 is very easy to use but it can be difficult to manage and support. Our expert Office 365 consultants can be your go-to technical resource helping you keep Office 365 running smoothly and securely. W. O'Donnell Consulting can make your employees happier by being their Office 365 technical support.

Primary or Secondary Support Options

Some organizations don't have an IT department. They are in real need of IT support at every level including for Office 365. In cases such as this we can be your IT department. We can fully manage, support and maintain Office 365 for you as your primary resource. However other organizations may only need support on Office 365 when something major crops up. We offer support options for both. Whether you need us as your primary support option or only when things get too complex for your own IT department.


Office 365 is a very powerful cloud application that allows for multiple setup options. We can help you setup Office 365 in the best way for your needs and support these custom settings going forward. Don't miss out on advanced features because you don't know how to set them up or use them. We can help.

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