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Google Adwords Campaign Management in NYC

Getting Started with Google AdWords

Are you thinking about advertising with Google AdWords? We encourage you to sign up and give it a try. What you will find is that it’s easy to get started but very difficult to find the time to manage the campaign and even more difficult to get results. We can help. We are experts in Google AdWords PPC Management and proudly serve the NYC market.

Experienced Search Marketing Resources

We have years of experience creating and managing successful Google AdWords campaigns. This includes everything from initial marketing strategy analysis, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, ad and landing page copywriting, keyword bidding strategy and results reporting.

Save Time with Managed Campaigns

If you want to skip the time consuming nature of running your own AdWords campaign or if you already are running your own campaign but need to reclaim your time, you can let us create and manage your campaign for you. We will have regularly scheduled strategy sessions as well as progress report meetings.

Free Consultation and Strategy Session

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Content is the most important factor when looking to market online. If you have compelling content the rest is easy. We will help you create messaging that communicates your idea.


How do you know your marketing efforts are working? We track everything. Who clicked, who called, who emailed. We show you what worked and why.


Once your AdWords campaign is live we look at all the metrics that it generates to look for ways to improve results and increase conversions. We want you to get real results.


We don’t want you to be in the dark. We will report all of our findings to you each month. What worked and what didn’t. You will have the data you need to make good decisions.