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We are an authorized Barracuda Networks channel partner proudly serving NYC. We sell, install, configure, support and maintain Barracuda Message Archivers for organizations of all sizes. Whether you need a new Barracuda Message Archiver or need support on an existing one, W. O'Donnell Consulting can help make your email compliance and archiving project a success.

Cloud-Connected Message Archiving for Efficiency and eDiscovery

Accessing, storing, and retaining email for long periods of time are key needs of any organization, but are often quite challenging for IT. The Barracuda Message Archiver enhances user productivity and reduces cost and risk by simplifying user access, email management, and eDiscovery/compliance.

Cloud-Connected Archiving

The cloud-connected Barracuda Message Archiver uses the Barracuda Cloud to move or copy data to the cloud. Setting policies in “mirror” mode replicates all data to the cloud for disaster recovery purposes. Setting the policy to “Rotate” mode allows the appliance to scale-up and use the cloud as a secondary tier of storage.

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