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We are an authorized Barracuda Networks channel partner proudly serving NYC. We sell, install, configure, support and maintain the Barracuda PST Enterprise solution for large organizations and enterprises. Whether you need a new Barracuda PST Enterprise or need support on an existing one, W. O'Donnell Consulting can help make your email management project a success.

Locate, Migrate and Eliminate PST Data

PST Enterprise enables IT administrators to regain control over email data stored by end users in individual PST files and scattered across their organization. It can eliminate the risks associated with PST files, as well as reducing ongoing costs and supporting IT requirements for Compliance and eDiscovery.

Regain Control of Your Email

Identify all email stored across the organization and manage appropriately so that it is secure and readily available. Centralize storage and backup, or better still, eliminate the use of PST files to regain control of data and reduce the support overhead of these unreliable files.

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